Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Oooh... Sweet Belated Valentine

Although we missed out on a Valentine, due to unforseen circumstances, I did still think of a "Sweet Valentine!" I am not 100%, but this 100% beautiful! Just imagine...

You and your sweetie whisk away for a weekend Valentine getaway sequestered in a beautiful shabby-chic cottage on a soothing creek. Very sweet huh!

Take a look at how romantic this little Victorian cottage is. Just enough room for two!

The setting sun would set the mood for a vintage table top setting on top of a white painted distressed round cottage table done up in a pastel pink and lilac purple. Dangling white Christmas lights,  candles in a medley of  shabby-chic candel holders, and a white candelabra chandelier would give off just the right amount of ambient light. I came across this enchanted centerpiece made up of hydrangea in a french compote that would be the perfect sweet little touch of elegance (very beautiful blog, by the way). Antique dinnerware and a contrasting modern purple stemware would round out the setting.

Nothing says romantic and cozy like a Seafood Stew for a dinner entree. Check out the recipe here. Shrimp are so pretty to look at, delicate to touch, and yummy to taste, like me! (Ok, I am getting carried away, back to it! lol) But, I like a good inexpensive wine that I can find at any local supermarket. A bubbly Barefoot Pinot Grigio is great to cook with and great to drink. Strawberries dipped in a milk chocolate fondue would be the best of both worlds, a guilty and not guilty pleasurable dessert.

This is what I would wear!  I am not afraid to say that I am a PLUS size woman. As in the words of my dear twin sister, Laurisa, "Pretty Luscious and Ultimately Sexy!" So I would go for a comfortable yet flattering sleeveless lace top  from Macy's with form fitting Svoboda 'Kate' Stretch Denim Trouser Jeans from Nordstrom. I like a easy to slip on a off shoe like this cork slide by Donal J Pliner from Zappos.

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