Friday, February 11, 2011

Slip Cover Sofa

We just brought in a new look for our line-up for the Spring Catalog! Its a slip cover sofa. As a designer, I am so happy that we finally brought in this look. Everyone is anxious to see how it does as far as retail! I think its going to be very successful and bring in a certain customer. It took a couple markets to get it, but we finally got it!
As a Visual Merchandiser my job is to make this sofa look its absolute best on a showroom floor. I am involved in this process once the buyer begins to look at it as a prospect for the line-up. I make suggestions to our accessory buyer and our rug and table buyer of what is needed to pull together a full style story (that does not mean I always get what I want). For this particular look I pulled inspiration from other furniture retailers such as Pottery Barn! Here is a tool I use called an index. This is what our accessory buyer takes to market with her.

After market we then go into photo shoot mode.  I create shot sheets which provide detailed info on how the shot needs to look. We shoot all the new product over a two week period in High Point, NC. I was there the week before Christmas. Such bad timing!

I am currently working on a foyer reset for our flagship store where I will feature this group for the Spring. I work with the store manager and give him a detailed set-up packet which includes a floor plan and vignette diagrams. Here is an example:

Once the store has ordered in the product ans set it up using the diagram, I will go and put the last finishing touches on it. I touch everything too! I should have pictures in a couple of weeks once I go. Until then here are a couple of pics from last Spring.

Hope you like them! I will have the other ones up as soon as they are done! As in the words of one of my dear friends..."Peace and and Prosperity!" Love you Yataye!

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