Sunday, March 27, 2011

Naima Throws Back

I have to give you my Naima, American Idol, update. Well...after finally watching the performance on YouTube, I gotta say I felt really good about her performance last week. She performed "Dancing in the Streets," which is a fun song. Its something that I would dance to if I am at a social party!  She was on pitch the whole song through, and on top of that she threw in her personality by doing adding some African drums and a dance to suit! I loved it because in "Naima fashion" it was just so different!

But she did a throwback to the 70s with her attire with the bells and the halter! I did not love it, but it looked good on her! I thought the color were very flattering because it could have gone cheesy if it was too bright and colorful.  I did love the wrists full of friendship bracelets. This is one trend I do not think will ever be out of style!

So how did I interpret this throwback outfit into interior design? Well, all I have to say you gotta love the 70s!

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Do you remember console TVs ? My grandmother had a HUGE one. Thinking of this, Naima's performance actually makes me think about what I use to watch on my grandmother's huge TV! Are you familiar with the famous Soul Train line? So much fun!

How about those humongous mid-century vintage lamps?  My grandmother had one taller than me when I was young! I would actually love to find a couple of these to redo for myself! Like I said you gotta love the 70s!

And Oh! What about those huge modular living pieces. My grandmother must owned about 25 of them. I could remember bouncing from one to another all over her family room in them! And hey were even orange too!

You can not forget about he shag carpet! This is a staple of 70's interiors for me!  I love it!

Well now all this is out of the way, one modern day designer does come to mind when I think of authentic 70s inspired interiors throwbacks. Are you familiar with Amy Lau?

Her work is impeccable! I first came across her work about a little less than year ago when researching mid-century modern. You can not help but love the 70s! Her work is so relevant yet it screams mid-century. I love it!

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  1. I have yet to watch American Idol. I saw the years Kelly Clarkson Fantasia won and havent been back.

    The inspired rooms are a great touch.

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting