Monday, May 23, 2011

Old Vintage Hollywood

 Love Dorothy Dandridge! My first introduction to her was when Halle Berry played her in the movie "Introducing Dorothy Dandridge!"

 This is quote from my favorite scene in that movie:
"Have you seen my man? That Carmen Jones snatched him from me and I'm all lost over what to do about it.

Always stylish and always beautiful, Dorothy was a triple threat as a pretty singer-dancer-actress! She is so stunning and pretty. She reminds me of my grandmother! She died tragically at the young age of 41.

I found some images of her former LA home as I was skimming through some of her beautiful photos.
 This is probably my favorite kind of architecture. Spanish Mediterranean style is very popular here in Florida so I get to see it quite frequently! 

 The wooden beams would be one of the reasons I love this style home.
Love the panoramic windows around this tub. Looks like a beautiful view.
Um... I need this to be my closet.
I do not know what that floor is, but I have a thing for dark wooden floors!


  1. I'll take the beams and the view, please!

    She was truly stunning.

  2. Oh my... give me that closet and that bathtub!

    Hugs & kisses from Rio!

  3. I love the house - the walk in closet and the front entrance . wow. She was gorgeous :O) Thanks for sharing this :)
    A xx

  4. She really is a bomshel, isn't she? And that closet is to. die. for. LOVE IT!