Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Should I...Get the look?

One of my rules is that I do not buy anything unless I know for sure that I am going to use it! Well, this would fall under that category of "I know for sure I am going to use this," especially for $40, a couple coats of white paint and some beautiful ring pull hardware. Can you see it?

$40 Craigslist Find

Priceless Girls Room Dresser Inspiration

This would run me roughly $100 bucks!

I also found those beautiful venetian mirrors from the girls room inspiration above. Its called the Melina Venetian Wall Mirror that I found for as low as $355. TOO MUCH, but still lovely!

 So I though about this...

Via 1 and 2

Option 1: 
$60 Target Option

I like this mirror because it give me that dainty venetian mirror feel at a fraction of the cost. The only draw back is that it is only 20" in diameter, which could look like a postage stamp. Target mirror for $60 and Option 2 is a 30" Lowe's mirror for $65. 

Option 2: 
$65 Lowe's Option

This mirror I really like because I have a couple different options. I can paint he frame white, or-or-or I can take the frame off completely to get that simplified flush look of the Venetian mirror. That's like playing with fire, but its worth try. Its also 30" in diameter.

I think Lowe's is the better deal because its 10" bigger and only $5 more the the smaller Target mirror!Of course I would do a set of two, just like the inspiration.


  1. fab finds! Especially that dresser, unbelievable price. M.

  2. I would definitely get it! Love the inspiration pic!

  3. I can see it. Definitely get it! Would love to see what you do with it. xx Anastasia at Decor is like butter

  4. quite the deal at only 40 bucks. your ideas sound great. love your inspiration ideas.