Monday, July 25, 2011

Missssed but not forgotten?!!!

My GOSH! Things have been very very busy, to say the least, between the kids being out for summer, summer sports, the J-O-B, and my a new hobby (couponing....?!!)! Yessss couponing! I have to find new ways to save money.  So I have missed blogging ,but not forgotten it! I have soooo much to share!

 For now I will just leave you with this awesome lamp made out of plastic take-out containers.
It was designed by Karl of HGTVs Design Star in the infamous white box challenge! I sooooo want to do the challenge just for the hell of it! I am so high on this show. I have been into it since the beginning. The first showed actually aired the year I graduated from Design School!

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