Monday, December 19, 2011

Vintage Shopping in Greensboro

While in High Point I had a day off (Sunday) to do some thrifting in downtown Greensboro for day with my boss! We were not sure how it was going to go since it was Sunday, but we lucked out. There happened to be a few big events going on for the holidays. I had a FAB time and enjoyed all the shops, especially one in particular, forgive me, but I can not remember the name of it, but I have great pics to back it up.

This was our first shop and ended up being winning the best ever for the day! It actually hosts to several vendors that house there products in cute vignettes throughout. These were my faves:

These were the window displays. I spent about an hour in each one touching everything. My boss could not believe how much I loved the vintage dining room. Her exact words were "you can pick that up at anyone yard sale for nothing!" I think the entire set was a ridiculous price of $200 and some odd dollars. If I had a place for glass without kids they would have been shipping this baby to me.

My next fave (in the same shop) was this vender "The Vintage Nest," how cute is that. It had a little masculine and feminine flair to it that I was attracted to! An the branches with the snow flake were amazing.

This last one was just so well put together! Every little item worked as if it should all go in the same room!

Another fun place we went visited was this cute little fair where a bunch of vendors gathered in a restaurant called Hand to Hand. It was all homemade and vintage items for sale. What was so funny was we actually ran into a couple of  the designers form the studio and found out they had shops of there own set-up. The one above is Allison...her shop is called Nosilla (her name backwards). She will have an Etsy shop staring in January. She looked so chic that day, we are used to seeing her working clothes mostly. Also Jo had a couple shops set up in the first shop we visited.

All and all it made fora great day...there were a couple of other things,but I have to wait until after Christmas to share!!

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