Sunday, January 8, 2012

And I'm off.....!

Yay! I finally sat down and focused on a project for ME! One thing that is high on my list of to-dos to become TA-DONE is becoming more organized. So I am starting with my utility room. This room is my laundry and pantry combined.

By starting with my love for black and white stripes as an inspiration, I plan to combine modern and rustic elements to create a glamorous and organized utility room.  A utility room tends to be more utilitarian looking than pretty. Well, this design has utilitarian elements that are aesthetically pleasing to the eye and will combine to create a beautiful environment for doing those not so fun everyday tasks.

For the Laundry here is the POA (Plan Of Action):
  • Put in a counter-top in he laundry room
  • Apply paneling to left side wall
  • Replace lighting
  • Paint the stripes
  • Paint the door
  • Add closed storage above and open below with pull out drawers
1. 3" Painted black and white stripes on a horizontal
2. DIY: Industrial mason jar light pendant
3. MY DIY: painted striped on neutral burlap fabric find inspiration here
4. MY DIY: painted branch wall hooks find inspiration here
5. MY DIY: wood plinth clock (used be be at west elm) find inspiration here
6. Orange painted door to give life to the room find inspiration here
7. Ekby Alex Ikea floating shelf with drawer installed on left side with white paneling
8. MY DIY: reclaimed wood shelves to be installed below upper cabinets find inspiration here
9. Sea-grass hamper from The Container Store
10. My existing GE front loading Washer and Dryer.

For the Pantry here is the POA (Plan Of Action): 
  1. Remove existing shelving (to be re-purposed in other rooms of house)
  2. Paint the walls black
  3. Find a mid-century modern buffet and hutch
  4. Add rustic shelving
1. Benjamin Moore Black Satin
2. Need to find a mid-century modern buffet and hutch. Found this picture here
3. Clear jars found here for food storage
4. Crate and Barrel white canister food storage found here
5. MY DIY: reclaimed wood shelves installed on either side inspiration found here
6. Benjamin Moore Autumn Orange (possible to paint hutch)
7. Sur la table brushed aluminum basket for produce storage
8. Natural canvas baskets for storage found here
Here are the elevations!

Okay...please excuse the mess because these are "real-time" photos of my utility room (embarrassing)! The true reason for starting here is because I have taken over my pantry with all of my coupon stock pile items and my laundry room is really under utilized because it lack any kind of storage or shelving.

Right Side Wall of Landry and Pantry:
Right now my washer and dryer are installed backwards which means that the doors open into instead of away from each other. As you can imagine...this is not very functional. So I am having them moved to either side of the laundry in their appropriate places. I am installing closed upper cabinets, a counter-top,  and open shelves below in between the wash and dry. The open shelves below will house black pull out basket drawers that I found here. You can see the stripes will also be on this wall with the fun DIY window treatment I have planned.

In the pantry the walls will be painted black. I really wanted to add a piece of furniture to make it feel more like a butlers pantry and give it character. This is my inspiration below:

Left Side Wall of Landry and Pantry:
As it stands there are blank walls with lots of potential to be something beautiful and functional. The wall on the pantry side will house a shelf to hold mop, broom, ironing board, etc... found here. On the laundry side I will be installing 6" white painted paneling on a vertical. My inspiration below:

I plan to have a chair rail that will hold the DIY branch hooks and the Ikea floating wall shelf. The black and white stripes will be painted above. I am purchasing three sea-grass hampers to organize my whites, colors, and dedicates.

Front Facing Entry Wall Laundry:
This is where I plan to paint my door orange. Tangerine Tango is after all the pantone color of the year and I have a fond place in my heart for orange. Its so vibrant and full of energy which is needed in this space. (its so wired to be talking about my space...its about damn time!)

This wall will also have the paneling and the black and white stripes. You can also see my DIY wood plinth clock I plan to attack above. This elevation also give you the side detail of the counter-top and upper cabinets adding lots of needed workspace and storage.

Back Facing Entry Wall Pantry:

This elevation shows the shelving and the a side detail of the buffet and hutch that I need to find. I also plan the paint this door orange to, but it depends on if I paint the hutch or not. Do not want to much of a good thing happening in such a small space.

So I have lots of to-dos and amped to get it done! Let me know what you think i am eager to hear your thoughts!


  1. I have to admit that organizational skills are not the strongest! Thanks for the inspiration - hope I can get their after my upcoming move! Happy New Year!!!!

  2. Yes, yes, yes. I think it works.

  3. Oh this is going to be FABULOUS!!! love the stripes. Orange door all the way;)

  4. Okay I am loving your visuals here! This might be the best laundry/pantry room out there. Love all the natural elements combined with the crisp stripes.