Thursday, January 12, 2012

Painted Furniture Transformations

It's funny the things I come across sometimes, because when working for a furniture kind of see it all. By that I mean you get to see  the good the bad and the ugly! Probably more ugly then good, but I have learned that ugly sells because the uglier it is the more comfortable it is!

Well, that was not my original point I am trying to make but  when visiting some of the lovely decor blogs I can recognize actual pieces or something strikingly similar to what we sell. But you know, that's why I love blogs because I get to see lovely transformations of what furniture can become:

The Nester Painted Sleigh Bed Transformation:

The Nester
What a lovely transformation this is. If you have never visited this blog, please go see her home. It is beautiful! Such a inspiration to see all of her projects and furniture transformations. I would buy our bed just to make it look like that!

Knight Moves Painted Panel Bed:

Knight Moves
This is yet again another inspirational blog to see all of her home decor projects and transformations. You would not believe how she painted this bed!

So you see what I mean?!! You may have potential awaiting in your bedroom to become something special. Maybe you bought it years ago or just yesterday, but who cares if it can look this awesome!


  1. Wow, I absolutely love these transformations!

  2. Wow, what a difference a coat of paint can make! Lovely transformations!

  3. Wow , ur quite talented! I love both beds. Especially the white one. Being a shabby chic-er, i love white and distressed finishes...Nice to meet u Star...Stop by if ya get a chance..ur latest follower, Bonnie

  4. It's crazy pieces of furniture. The above white bed, I can say it's dream bed for every one. I personally love white color too much and I think, white can really make your place calming and peaceful which you really want your place to be particularly your room. That's why I prefer white painted furniture for my place too. Anyway, thanks a lot for sharing this.