Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Settle Yet Stately

I gotta have this kitchen! A while back I tickled the idea of what color to paint my kitchen. I fancied a white and black kitchen, but this just pretty much sealed the deal! I am just loving how airy and light this feels with simple and very settle yet stately details. Its from the February 2012 House Beautiful Issue.

1.  There is something about this simple header detail that gives the cabinets nice polished look. Its perfect for my kitchen because I have  maybe a two inch gap from the top of my cabinet molding to the ceiling. I thought I would add a lighting detail, but I just think I would be forcing something that looks forgotten anyways. That is why this detail just makes sense to me because its just not forced!

2.   The slim countertop edge is just sexy to me! It looks to be about half the size of a regular edge. With all the a white...anything thicker would have been too chunky. I mean my eye went straight to that little detail and I can not envision anything thicker.

3. Even though I can't see much hardware with his shot, I think I rather like the less is more vibe I get in this kitchen. This detail really tells me that there was no stone unturned when it came to the design and planning of this kitchen. You usually think of the hardware as being the jewelry of a kitchen, and sometime get carried away with the size, length, or color. But as woman we know when we get dressed jewelry is usually the last thing you add and sometimes you edit until it feels right. This is a perfect example.

4. In school I learned that the toe kick is an essential part of a kitchen design and it was always recessed...WHY?!! Because I love high baseboards, and in this kitchen it adds the finishing touch.

I could go on and on about this kitchen design like the light and airy butcher block top island, or the high shelf over the sink adorned with white vases. And what about the antique stove top below the large white hood! How about that black and white striped vase?!!!

I am very amped to achieve  a whole lot of projects in my home this year that I keep putting off for one reason or anbother, and the kithen is one of them. I am tired of talkign and have to start doing. So I figure baby steps will be the way to go. My first baby step to achieve is getting out the paint brush and attacking Big Momma with it!


  1. classy cottage! love a white kitchen of course!

  2. Sooo pretty! Can you ever really go wrong with bright & airy though??? LOL

    Beautiful blog by the way! Just beautiful ; )