Friday, February 10, 2012

Blushing in time for Valentines

Hey y'all! Anyone blushing yet for V-day? I do know people who celebrate all week for certain holidays, but anyways, just in time for Valentine...I present to you my love for blush!

My Pinterest via Sexy Drinks via Sweet Paul
Let me start you off with one of these lovely Champagne cocktails (I know how us ladies love our pretty drinks). You can fins the recipe here if you are able to get a hold of some angostura bitter!

My Pinterest via here via Heather Christo
How about some of these?!! We can just promise each other, while lying thorough our teeth, how we are going to walk an extra lap for each donut we eat. Yeah..right! But I figure I can put down two okay three of these!

My Pinterest via here via Lauren Conrad
Let's enjoy our cocktails and donuts in this room and gasp over how great these blush drapes look on those taupe gray walls. Then we can talk about how we are bringing sexy back with brass, RIGHT? Look how great it loos on the coffee table adorned with all those lovely books and then on the curtain rods. DAMN thats hawt!

My Pinterest via here via houzz
 Then we can talk about where to find this blush paint color to recreate this monochromatic bedroom.

My Pinterest via here via dreamy whites
Let's end it on a good note by setting a "Ladies Craft Night" where we take on these DIY fabric pom-pom pillow project since we never really get enough time to hang out and do things WE ladies really want to do. I can make some more pretty drinks for us that night too!

So what say you?


  1. Boy...that 3rd images has me shaking! Everything about it.....and about that mirror.....if it starts raining mirrors....then I will snag you one also :)

  2. Those window treatments are so gorgeous!