Monday, February 27, 2012

Viola and Vera

I say they made a pretty good match last night at the Oscars. Just in time for St. Patty's day too! She was nominated and predicted to win for best actress in a leading role for "The Help," but Meryl swiped it up. I think if one was to lose know where I am going right?!!

This beauty of gown in emerald was made just for Viola Davie by Vera Wang. I thought it was really regal and I loved that she rocked the natural hair. I love the clutch too. Wish I could see the shoes.


  1. She is gorgeous. She looked amazing last night! It was nice to see what she looks like out of character.

  2. i like that she opted to go for it and be the first to win with an afro. whoopie had her dreads, but still... just can't believe streep actually won. who wins three oscars? that does not happen. it isn't really fair. i actually thought glenn close would win. she looked amazing in green too.

  3. I thought she was absolutely stunning...that green is so perfect on her and yes, the natural hair was a fantastic touch! I was just sad about what they did to her looks almost painful!!! But seriously, lovely, lovely, lovely!