Monday, July 9, 2012

How Do You Make-up?!!

I think I have shared before that I do not wear make-up. But I do remember watching my grandmother make herself up all the time. My sister and I would always get into and try to make ourselves look like her. Man...come to think about it, those were good times.

We call her "Gramma," but when I think about her I think GLAM. I remember wanting to be just like her because she was always made up. I rarely see her without it. She would always have matching accessories like shoes and handbags and costume jewelry galore.

Now..we did get in trouble ALOT for messing with her stuff, because she would always say..."every time I get ready to use my stuff I cain-never find it!" With me having my own kids, I can kinda feel what she was sayin to us! lol

Well, antyways...I can't really say why I do not wear it as an woman now. I really was not allowed to wear it in school, so I guess it never was an issue. I do however, wear it when I am going out which is far and few between. But when I do people always ask why I do not wear it more. Should I take that as a compliment or sideways compliment?!! I really do like the idea of making myself over though and getting that reaction form the hubby...he always gives a little grin and says "Nice!".

Do you make-up at a vanity or do you make-up on the bathroom vanity like I do? I would still love to have a lovely simple vanity just to have a place to feel like a girl.
I like the idea of a simple white vanity with a large mirror. Let the make-up and tools be the styling and color. Of course organization would be key, especially if its on display.

I like little drawers and acrylic organizer to hold all the necessities needed to make-up!

So I said all that to say this:

I am really curious and would like to start a series on "how do you make-up?" I want to know you beauty regiments, learn new beauty tips, and show pics of beautiful make-up areas/vanities, well organized areas/vanities, etc...what do you think?

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