Monday, January 14, 2013

About My Ottoman

I shared my new lovely with everyone as soon as I got it in place on Friday! Now as you see this, there are a couple things that are not quite right with this image. You have to visualize with me here:

  • I got the settee at a garage sale for $25 a couple months ago, so its going to be recovered. 
  • There are trophies and medals hanging off the edge of my plant ledge, I promise, I can NOT keep up with these things...but kudos to my kids for being such wonderful athletes. 
  • The fireplace is STILL unfinished and the art is small scale but great for color of what I had. Its custom art by the way!
  • As much as I love my flat weave, hounds-tooth, black and white area rug...whew that a mouth full, I keep going back and forth about this or a heavy knotted jute. BUT the turquoise is killer against it. We will see...!

But onto the lovely ottoman, it arrived on my door step on Thursday evening and we put it together that night, very easy!  We purchased it on Amazon. Its the Button Tufted Linen Ottoman by Skyline. Its honestly gone up in price about $70 since we hit the "checkout" button in December.

Its actually on sale at Target right now for less than $250.00 but in only a few select color options. Before I considered the turquoise I was pondering on the black, but either way I knew I wanted the linen. I had been peepin it out for awhile now. I pinned it months!

We rearranged both the living room slash sitting room and family room on Friday night, but once it was right it wuzzz right! I am sooo... happy I went with a pop of color. Its so easy to go safe, but you have to go against the grain sometimes. But I do have a vision!

Anyone have any bold purchases they have mad lately? If so I would like to know about them!


  1. I love the pop of color. I'm just not bold enough yet to make such a purchase. Currently I'm playing it safe with cream and black. I see your vision its coming together.