Friday, January 25, 2013


Home art studios...

I am just am always looking at magazines...but I love the convenience of online magazines like Lonny where I was inspired by these beautiful home art studios in there November 2012 issue.

This is the New York studio belongs to landscape architect, Miranda Brooks. I love the femininity of this space. I do draw and paint, but its been years since I have done if as a hobby on either canvas or sketch papers. White walls make for a neutral environment conducive to letting your mind be free to create art.

But I can do the same in this masculine space below belonging to the artist...Jeremiah Goodman.

 I love dark spaces! There are all kinds of little cozy places in here to curl up with a sketch book!

These spaces have inspired me to get dig out my paitn brushes from the hall closet. I do have a couple of canvases that are calling my name.

 Have you been inspired by anything lately?

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