Thursday, September 12, 2013

What is that, VELVET?!!

Hello TSS lovelies! its been sooo long since my last post. I have come to the realization that I a a working Mamma and blogging has to be a hobby until I can make it my priority. So enough of that downer stuff!

Let's talk about this "Mean Green" I came across after finally sitting down and looking at my Ikea catalog. Yes, I am late, but my gosh this is too stylishly cute! It goes right along with the the emerald Pantone color of the year...I posted here!

Okay so back to the sofa. What is that, velvet?!! YES. LOVE to the umpteenth power, and it comes in a variety of colors. Thank you Ikea for giving me a reason to come see you again! Oh but wait, that cabinet though. Two-toned with cabinet drawers and drawers below. There are several ways to use this, but i think it will work great as a bar.

My impression of Ikea furniture is that it is doll furniture to me because I am am such a stallion of a woman. But that sofa can find its way into my home any day. Classy and clean its right up my ally!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Craigslist - A Design Tool

I am in luv with the new look of Craigslist. Its now officially an easy to use design tool. I do not know how long its been this way, but it was a pleasant shock for me.

The Grid View saves me time because I can look at multiple pictures at one time. I usually only choose the items with images, so this is great.  This view is my fave, mst def the way to go!

Another useful view is the Pic View. I did used to appreciate reading the description, even though some made sense where others just made me curse cuz it made NO SENSE ATALL!

I am also loving the Map View! When I want something I always refer to the google map to see how far it is away. Even though this does not give you real distance or time you can get a good gage on how far you are willing to travel.

Here is how I sue craigslist when I know exactly what I am looking for:

  1. In this instance I was looking for a computer armoire. I typed in "armoire," to keep it broad, but kept my eyes open for a computer armiore.
  2. I know my max budget was $100, but I put $150 because there is always room to talk someone down.
  3. Be patient, only contact someone if you really want it. I always just ask a simple question, "Is this armoire still available?" The seller usually gets back with you.
  4. This one just happend to be $50 and it was oak! Well worth it since it was well within my budget.
  5. I never commit to anything until I inspect it in person, so I kindly ask the seller if I can come by and take a look at it.
  6. I took my husband with me to pick it up because I knew it was going to be big and heavy.
  7. I pay with cash only! Takes away the ease on both parties behalf.

Right now this Craigslist armoire serves as my bar, which it will forever be, but I have a DIY in mind for it to make it official!

What do you think of the new look and navigation tools on Craigslist?

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Fancy Flea...Indeed!

My supervisor knows me too well! She said mark your calendar and so I did!

I sooo... enjoyed myself with her and my sister today at the "Fancy Flea" here in our local area of Downtown Lakeland, FL. It was my first experience and now my sister and I are hooked. So this will be a yearly event for us!

I saw such beautiful and crafty inspos that I filed away in my idea book. So it was the perfect kick in the you know what to jump start some much needed projects around here.

Yes, its been awhile since my last post but, BOYEE am I inspired!!! Can't wait... Anybody else went to any markets like this lately?