Thursday, January 20, 2011

Been Too Long

It's been too long to wait for our walls to be painted. We painted only the main living areas and kitchen so far. I feel like I am in a new house. Here is what the walls looked like before. The original color was a off-white that had some peach hues in it. This is a view of the hallway entrance leading to the bedrooms.

It took me two weeks to find the perfect color. I new I wanted a taupe color all along. I had a collection of taupe paint chips that caught my I from Benjamin Moore to Wal-mart. I had a few samples made and painted big two foot squares on several walls in different areas.  I was feeling a color called Sidewalk Square, but it ended up having more grey in it than I wanted. I needed something more on the warmer side of grey with more brown.

So after a couple days of seeing the Sidewalk Square on my walls I went in to work and fell in love with the perfect Taupe on a feature wall in our office. Our department had been recently relocated into another area of the corporate office. There is a feature wall in my supervisors office that was painted in a warm taupe. My supervisor actually found the paint color. She was smart to use a Martha Stewart technique of dipping a paint stirrer into the paint and keeping it. The only thing she did not do was write the paint color down on the stick. But she knew she found it at Porter Paints. So I was on a mission to find this paint color.

We had no luck finding the actual paint color after searching through emails . But wah-lah! We had a small glimmer of hope after the maintenance department found a Porter Paint invoice for one gallon of Soft Taupe #6746-1. I went to the nearest store to take a look and it ended up being a bust. It was no where near what was on that feature wall. So I had them mix a quart of paint from the dipped paint stirrer. It ended up being very close. But honestly a little too expensive for what I wanted to pay per gallon.

With the dipped paint stirrer in hand I went to my local Lowe's and had them mix it using their spectrum. It ended up being dead on. I had a quart of the custom paint mixed and brought it home to paint my two foot square. Perfectamundo! Love it! Here is what it looks like. That's my oldest daughter Bri in her purple attire of course!

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