Monday, February 7, 2011

Bedroom Blues

I have been thinking of what to do with my bedroom for the longest now. I have a few different ideas in mind. I know I want it to be soothing, plush, and romantic. I am definitely feeling the blues for a color palette.

So what hue of blue should I do?
Decor Pad
I love the idea of light and airy. It would be a definite contrast from the rest of my home. It would be like floating in clouds for me. No matter what, I know I want an upholstered headboard! What a beautiful bedroom chandelier.

(Elle Decor)
This room feels light and airy too. I love the metallic vibe that I am getting from the bird wall art and the headboard fabric. I am noticing how monochromatic all of my rooms are. maybe another definite!  

This, I love! What a beautiful color fabric on that gooorgeous...heavily tufted headboard. The wall color just blends almost seamlessly and I just want to curl up in that fur throw! The linens on the bed, although contrasting and sharp, look lived in. This room comes off very royal to me. I think this is indefinitely my new inspiration!

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