Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Seven days of Valentines!

I was just sitting and thinking of what I would like to do for Valentines Day this year. There is no fun in anticipating a holiday that happens only one time out of the year. I have to think about when and how I am going to celebrate with the kids, when and how I am going to celebrate with my husband, and what should I buy them to keep it from being a repeat of last year, etc…? So I thought…

Self:  “Why agenize over what we should do for Valentines?”
Myself: (light bulb lights up) “Why wait?”
Self: “There are seven days left until Valentine’s Day!”
Myself: “Why don’t I celebrate seven days of Valentines?”
Most holidays are usually celebrated only on day out of the year. So, I am going to embark another “New Beginning” and celebrate 7 days of  Valentines this year with my babies and especially my boo!
I want to kick off my 7 days of Valentines by writing a love note to the ones I love the most! Normally, I would run out to the nearest store and buy something cute that I end up wishing I had not bought in the first place. I decided to make a resolution this year to focus more on what I have instead of what I don’t have. So with that, I went around the house and gathered some things I have just sitting around:
Not much at all! Now what to do??? My idea is to hang a note on each one of their doors so they can have it before they go to bed tonight and have sweet dreams. So this is what I came up with:

You are the cutest and absolute best!
You and Me are meant to be! Will you be my 7 day Valentine?
I love you 365 days of the year!
You are sweeter than candy!

No shortage of corny sayings here!

This is what I actually used:

  1. construction paper
  2. any paper with a graphic design
  3. notebook paper
  4. sachet/black ribbon ( I had to rob Peter to pay Paul)
The kids loved it! After looking at me a little crazy...my husband loved and appreciated too! Just a small no cost gesture to show them how much I love them! What better way to have an excuse to do something so corny, but so loveable in true Valentine holiday spirit for the ones I love the most!

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