Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Me & My Boo!

I am a busy woman. Between work and family I rarely get personal time, yet alone time to spend with my boo! My husdand and I are high school sweet hearts. I love my hubby and I must say we make a great team. We are hardworking individuals and that is what we like to instill in our kids. In order to keep things comfortable he works a day job and a part-time job in the evening. So he does not get home until 9pm. I work a day job and my evenings are devoted to what I call my 24/7 job which are my kids. Every hard working Mom knows the daily routine of the work week, and let me just say that each one of these are full-time jobs within themsleves.
  1. Work
  2. Homework
  3. Sports or any other extra curriculum activities
  4. Dinner
  5. Bedtime
Weekends are hard too because the older three kids all play three different sports. So weekends are usually spent either at a baseball field, softball field, basketball court, or soccer field. Sometimes we have to split up because game times or sports may overlap.

Don't get me wrong...I am not complaining! I would not trade my life for anything or anyone. I love the fact that I can do for my family. This is part of what makes me who I am!

So my question is how do you get that time with your boo?

My husband try to make a good effort. We have local jobs so we are able to have lunch with each other  if our schedule allows. We do try to do that at least once a week, and we do not eat out all the time! Since we have local jobs we can come home. We also talk to each other on the phone at least three times a day just to check in. I send him a "Good Morning My Love" email every morning. (I try not to forget) He always responds with a "Hello My Sugar Pie!" Cute ha! It always comes right on time, though!

This is the time you get all giddy and lovey-dovey! I would like to know what are some things that other hardworking couples do to get those precious moments with your boo? Maybe I can get some more ideas!

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