Saturday, February 19, 2011

More Paint On The Walls

We are making progress! We have painted two more rooms, my daughters rooms! Yeah...!! Now they did come with a few hurdles to get over which includes some spilled paint, holes in the walls, and one "I didn't want this color!"

When it came to the paint color, I asked them what they wanted. I really did not even have to ask, it was so predictable. Purple for Brishonne (my oldest at 11 going on 20) and pink for Tyshonne my (second oldest at 10 going on 6).


These are "my girls!" Love them soooo....much! They are a year and a half apart and could not be any more different. Bishonne is scratching the surface a "teenage drama queen!" And Tyshonne is just my "baby girl," because she has not quite come into her age yet. I am not complaining though, because I am in no hurry for them to grow up at all.

It took me a couple trips to Lowe's to sift through some paint chips because I wanted to find the right pink and the right purple for the house. I narrowed them down to four purples and three pinks.



So I bought my sample paints and did my squares. The purple came easy! Although I like the one on the far left, we went with the one on the far right, called Native Lilac by Valspar, for Brishonne. The pinks, not so easy. I got as far as getting the first stroke of the third paint color on the wall and I could not tell the difference between the second and third color.  I thought I got the samples mixed up. Brishonne, thoughtfully, said, "let's just paint all three squares over again," to make sure I didn't mix them up. She then, helpfully, proceeded to grab all three sample containers and splash. Pink paint went everywhere! All over the carpet, her, and the back of my legs. So after a big clean-up, I found out that the two paints are similar when wet. Too bad I could not find that out before all of that. I am not too worried about it because I am replacing the carpet anyways. After all of that we chose the lighter of the three called Irish Rose.


So the paint when on the walls. I was a little afraid after seeing how neon the pink was, especially after going through so many chips to avoid exactly that. But about the holes in the walls...this is one of my pet peeves with my "triple B threat" builder home (Blah, Boring, Builder-Grade). Our dang-on door stoppers is filed under builder grade.

When I first saw them I loved them because they were not the old fashioned ones that stick out of the wall and become a pain in the you know what to vacuum around. They sit on the top of the door hinge behind the doors, so they are hidden. After a few days in the house they were not so lovable. They would get out of place and stop working. We had to keep manipulating them every time we heard the door handle bang the wall, especially int he kids rooms. Eventually we got holes in the walls in all the kids rooms. They even penetrated the doors in Brishonne's room.

But we found the greatest thing at Lowe's. A door stopper wall protector that can be painted. It is so great that we have them everywhere now. Even in the unpainted rooms. This is one of the greatest inventions and I bet if I do some research a home renovator created it.

So here are the finished rooms. Like I said before I was little worried about the pink being so neon, but once the trim paint went on it was fine. Tyshonne got home and griped a little, okay alot, because she said she wanted the darker pink. Her words verbatim were, "that is not the color I chose...I didn't want this color!" Demanding little girl! She was find after sleeping on it. For the ceilings, I went with the same paint in the hallway and in the main living areas. I plan to do some stenciling eventually, but that's down the road.

I will leave you with... some to-dos for the girls rooms:
  1. Put in closet organizers
  2. Replace the carpet
  3. Add ceiling fans (functionality only because it does get warm in there rooms)
  4. Add window treatments
  5. Create furniture plan (this will serve as my purchasing guide)

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  1. How fun to have little girls, it must be so much for to work on their rooms!!! I love the pink color your youngest daughter choose :)