Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Feeling Inspired

I love coming home, after a long day at work, to a brand new catalog in the mail. I gasped with each page flip. I even love there new website design. It is so much easier to navigate. Last time I created a style story, I presented you with my wish shopping list from Z-Gallerie and West Elm. With this style story I am presenting my inspiration  for a Crate and Barrel "Sophisticated Springtime Brunch!"

I started with the beautiful Chloe Chair in Bella Porte Citrine fabric. Picture four of these beauties nestled around this gorgeous pedestal table. I love the idea of pairing upholstered chairs in a dining room setting. Conversations are guaranteed to last longer for you and your party guests because of the relaxing and comfortable vibe that the chair provides with its angled back. The low arm profile of the chair will allow these chairs to fit easily under any table. The movement of the pattern in the light fabric would be the perfect contrast to the stiffness of the dark masculine table.

Speaking of tables, how gorgeous is the silhouette of this 42" round Arcadia pedestal table. The dark finish is a multi-step layered antique rub. Its transitional in design and can work in any traditional or contemporary setting. The best feature of this table is that it is a indoor/outdoor table. What a beauty and paired with the citrine color of the chairs will be just stunning!

The table and chairs would be crowned with beauty from the rustic Winston Chandelier topped with linen shades. The lines of this chandelier holds true to the integrity of the lines in the pattern of the chair and the silhouette of the table. Its so classic. The linen shades introduces a natural element into a already naturally soothing color pallette of blues an yellows.

Atop the table will sit a vibrant turquoise Calypso Centerpiece Bowl. Its a green product because its made form recycled glass. The fluidity of the swirls and translucent characteristics in the glass make it the perfect centerpiece for this setting. I could see this filled with green apples or yellow lemons.

The Avery Bombe Chest is the perfect compliment as a buffet server. It too has an antique finish. Over-sized, so lots of storage space come from its three drawers. The rounded front and corners coincides perfectly with all the other silhouettes of this setting. Atop the bombe would sit the complimentary Calypso Vases. Again the fluidity of the vases just like the bowl make them a perfect accessory to sit on top of such a dark masculine piece.

The piece de resistance to this setting would be the strikingly fresh set of three Liquidity Art with framed with crisp white matte. This fluid water color art with its vibrantly fresh colors of blues, yellows, and greens rounds out the entire style story. It really brings home the Springtime feeling. 

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