Monday, March 21, 2011

And Spring Break Ends with a...

I am so upset right now! I go back to work this morning after a nice Spring break vacation last week :( ! Whah!  But that is not the real reason I am upset (part of it but not all of it)! I left my diaper bag in a Applebee's in Clearwater, FL with my camera in it! I did not realize it until we were 45min into our commute back home, uugggg!

We spontaneously decided to go the beach yesdiddy! It was actually the first time in about three years. We went to Sand Key Beach in St. Petersburg, FL. I would have beautiful pictures to show you, but I am frantically trying to get my camera home safely! I called the restaurant by finding the phone number on  he receipt. The manager was very nice and he assured me that he would get it to me one way or the other.

I am usually the one making sure everyone has everything before we leave out of anywhere! I could just.....well you can imagine. Have I just completely gone mad doing something like that?!?!?!! My plan was to show you our beach pics from yesterday, but I will just leave you with happy thoughts of one of  my favorite beach houses!

Design by Kristen Ewart! All images are from House Beautiful:

Have a oh so happy day!


  1. Number 1. I thought my mother was the other one who said "yesdiddy" So that means I am going to love reading your posts all the more!!!

    Number 2. I know the feeling of leaving a camera behind. I was in Charleston a few years back at a conference I packed my bags and left my camera in the living suite. I didnt realize it until I got home. They were so awesome to check the room and mail it to me.

    Number 3. As long as you have those memories in your spirit all was not lost.

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  2. I'm so forgetful and I'm sure I will be leaving behind much more than a diaper bag one of these days after the baby is born. I just hope that I never leave the baby anywhere...LOL. I hope you will be getting your bag back safely really soon.