Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Looky What I Gotty!

I am all giddy inside right now, because I finally made a house purchase. After a stressful morning yesdiddy, I used my lunch break to make a little trip. Do you remember my shopping trip last week? I have had these on my mind every since I saw them. Well..I could no longer maintain so look at what I got:

Welcome home my pretties!! Yep, I backed them on up into their rightful place after work! Mmm..lovely!
$50 dolla a piece...and they are all mine.

They have a painted distressed rub finished on them and hardware is pretty cute. After some tender love and care I will have these babies looking like they can rip the runway!

They are very well made because of the dovetail! I did a bit of research on American of Martinsville and found out that it is a hospitality and healthcare furniture manufacturer that has made furniture for Ritz Carlton and Four Seasons. So, of course I am going to have to make up a glamorous story about them when someone asks, "where did you get those side tables?" Trust me I will be well prepared!

I know the perfect place for them and so now going to the drawing board to think up the perfect little conversation area for my sitting room. I have to find perfect chairs that is going to round out this little style story I have started.

Its going to be the one of the first spaces you see when you walk into the front door, so its got to bring the fire...I am so excited!

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