Friday, March 18, 2011

A Home In Progess

I have been working on a house an older home built in 1954 in Plant City, FL which is a very historic city.  The family is a young couple with three kids. They're home before was very traditional and lacked color and style. For this home they wanted to go mid century modern and inject  lots of fun and color.

I have been working on this home since August last year. We basically started from scratch. This is my first time showing any of my work so, I am honestly a little nervous. I am going to show you some present day pictures of what he dining room looks like because it seems to be the most finished room of the house right now.

Please do not mind the really bad pics. I am hoping to invest in a really nice camera by the end of the year. The picture just does not do the wall color any justice. Its a really beautiful salmon color! It represents that rooms pop of color. I decided to play down the paneling by painting it the same color as the walls.

Do you recognize that table? Yes, its same as mine, round 72" with a glass lazy-susan.  The chairs are from overstock. They are cream leather tufted, there is even an interesting stitch on the seat of the chair.

The rug is actually a special order 8' round that I ordered form my job! See it here on our website. I love the colors and pattern. The flowers remind me of artichokes.

The chandelier is the crowning glory of this room. It was the big splurge in this room, but well worth it. We actually ordered at a time when  a big sale going on, I think it was like $250 off the regular price.  

Big Tip: Even though you splurge, never pay full retail! Just a motto of mine!

The side cabinets are actually bookshelves from "Wally Martin!" (fancy name for Walmart). We got them for $200 a piece. I had them refurbished by taking out a shelf and adding under cabinet lights. I plan to add a mirror in the big open area and add decorative knobs.

I made the curtains out of a retro 1950's fabric. The hardware came from Lowes.

I painted this artichoke on a 36x36 canvas using acrylic water base paint as my medium. This was fun because it had been so long since I painted. I still got it! Its no on the wall yet because I want to make sure its going to hang where its going to stay.

We still have few elements to add to the room. I am still on the look out for a server option to put in between the refurbished side cabinets under the window. I have some accessorizing to do also. Right now its accessorized with the client's belongings, which are pretty, so I only need a few items. I also want to find some buffet lamps for the server and add some more decorative wall art.

I thought these would be really fun  for a wall art alternative. I actually saw these on my Tuesday shopping trip at Pier One. They are on sale for $50 a piece right now.


  1. I think I'm jus now realizing how much lighting can transform a room! I totally see why you splurged on that chandelier! The room looks great!

  2. FABULOUS job! I LOVE that lighting!

  3. What a pretty after!! I love the chandy!!