Monday, March 14, 2011

(Pronounced Tar-jay)

Target is such a delightful place to shop! I love the wide aisles and easy to navigate signage. They make shopping so easy and comfortable. I was recently in Sarasota, FL for a basketball tournament my now twelve year old daughter Brishonne had. She had a pretty bad strawberry, right above her knee, from the weekend before's softball tournament that had not quite heeled up yet. I needed to pick up something to cover it up so she could wear her knee pads, and Tar-jay just happened to be right across the street form the hotel we were staying in.

So I am rushing down the aisles and purposely took a detour down through the home decor department. I came across a couple items that I just had to take a snap shot of:

I could have taken more, but I was on a time crunch! So I am a the dentist this morning reading the Southern Home Magazine and saw this beautiful ad for Tar-jay with a couple of familiar items. It featured a room styled by Sabrina Soto from HGTV! 

The first were these melamine dishes that I have seen online but was reminded of them when I saw them at  the 6th Street Design School blog. I love that they are used as wall art here! The second was the blue and white striped floral. Although not the exact one I took a picture of at target, its a pretty close option if you are trying to create a look from this room, don't you think?!?!!

I had to narrow it down to just one color, so here are some Tar-jay items items in "blue" that I am loving!

These $69 Stacking Chairs!


  1. So much eye candy here. Hope you daughter did well in the match! Love the blue melamine as wall decor, the pattern really brings the oomph to this beautiful bedroom!

    xo Linda

  2. oooh yes, I love "Tar-Jay" too! always has great finds and I could explore for hours.

  3. I love, love, love Target!!!! I'm designing my new home and I'm hitting multiple Targets every week. And their clearance is wonderful!