Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Shopping for a Day

Yesterday, the kids and I spent the day out shopping. We started out the day at a local  consignment shop called Second Time Around here in Bartow. I didn't really see anything except a couple of large lamp shades, but I decided not to get them.  My new strategy is not to buy something unless I know exactly what I am going to do with it.

The funniest thing happened though! The kids were going through a small corner where they had old books, VHS videos, etc... Well, my curious daughter picked up a cassette tape and asked, "what is this for?" So funny right! You forget how the "new" thing is always coming out and replacing its older counter-part. I can remember when I got my first CD player, I think it was on my thirteenth birthday, with the Xscape CD. That was and still is a good record!

Well the next stop was Furniture Consignment in Lakeland. I saw a couple things that I am still pondering on right now. If its still there this weekend I may go ahead and get them.

First, at the top were these pair of side tables. They were fairly large and $50 a piece. I could use them in my living room where I am planning a grouping of four chairs. I will definitely want to paint them. I love the ethnic appeal of them. The second was a set of  raised panel headboards that I can use in my sons room. They were $35 a piece. I am thinking of doing  creative with the raised panel and definitely painting them.

My second stop was an antiques furniture store in Lakeland. Forgive me because I can not recall the name of it, but the kids had fun there!  This is where I saw a couple of large accent pieces.

The first was this red lacquered chest. It appealed to my son because he loves red. That's the color he wants his room, but I just can not do it. So we settled for blue with red accents. This chest was $150. The white bamboo chest was also $150. I loved the hardware. It could be something to use in one of my daughter's rooms. Last, was this really interesting accent table. I find that I am attracted to the ethic looking pieces. It was to low though! You could almost use it as a bench!

Our next stop was Design Furniture Consignment in Lakeland. This was my favorite stop of the day. I spent he longest amount of time in here.

First was this beautiful large accent with a bowed front. I want to use this in my entry. Although very traditional, it has clean contemporary lines. I would paint this maybe in a lacquer finish, but I just do not know what color yet. This will run me $250! The second was this 9 drawer dresser. I was attracted to the beautiful burl wood fronts of the drawers. After coughing up $350, I would stain it darker and add feet and chrome hardware! 

We also stopped by the mall. It had been awhile since I've been there. This is where I stopped by Kirkland's. Am I the only one who did not know that Kirkland's has a website? Well, I found out after visiting the a blog (beautiful blog) where she was looking at this red accent chest from Kirk's.  I actually saw it in person and fell in love with a blue chest next to it.

I also saw a picture that I love the colors of and a bench that I love the scale of. I am looking for a bench for a accent wall in my house that I can do a piece of art and wall shelves above with some decorative pillows. I want to use leather to break up all the fabric that I am planning on using. I would prefer it in a cream.

Also at the mall were Old Navy where I saw the green ad yellow rubber boots and the colorful scarfs that remind me of Spring. At Burlington Coat Factory were the color clay pots in three different sizes. I also stopped at a nearby Joanne's to find some coordinating fabrics that I have found ( I will let you know about them in a later posting). This is where a shot a pic of the polka-dot and bird rubber boots.

Last but not least I stopped by Pier One. We spent a lot of time in there too. I had to look at and touch everything in there. Here were a few of my favorites:

First was this set of sea glass colored lamps. This picture does not do them any justice. Second were a set of chalkboard jars, so pretty! And last was this cracked look mirror on sale for $99. I would like to get three of them. to use in my informal dining room above a buffet server when I fin the right one!

Well, that sums up our day of shopping. I actually bought a new outfit for the baby from Children's place, some flip-flops form Burlington, and a set of spray and lotion from Bath and Body!


  1. Gosh I miss Xscape...They just dont make music like that anymore!

  2. Girl! Those Pier One green lamps are where it's at!