Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sensing Design!

I am the first to say that I hate exercise, actually hate is not the right word, I despise exercise! But I just took a 30min walk, and let me just tell you, "I feel great!" Whew...I just can't tell my hubby "the trainer!" Yes, he is a trainer with an out of shape wifey! I am "keepin it real" right now because its almost a quarter of the way through the year and I still have not lost the first pound, where I could stand to lose at least FIDDY!

With all that being said, as I was walking, I felt a jolt of energy come through me both physically and mentally. I was listening to my jazz and it was like everything that has been blurry for the past few weeks are now clear. One of the things I thought about, and I am always thinking about, is my house and how I should decorate it!
That jolt that came over me is exactly how I wanted to feel when I walk into my house.

One thing I know I want to keep in mind when styling my house are the five senses! When I think of designing for the senses, I think about the immediate reaction you get from setting the tone with the mood as soon as you walk through the front door.

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For my house I am wanting a sense of calm and relaxation. Once I pass my threshold I can just let it all go, an extended "stay-cation" if you will! Just like how I feel when...
  1. I take off my heels from a long day!
  2. Drinking a glass of wine!
  3. Listening to my favorite jazz!
  4. Take a nice bubble bath!
  5. The Big One...I take off my bra!
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When it comes to touch, I want to play around with textures from how it feels under foot to wanting to touch an element overhead. It could be  knitted, knotted, embroidered, quilted, woven, or sculptured.  I just want it all to be about how it makes me feel. See these cozy West Elm soft goods!

When it comes to smell...I always like the smell of  food cooking outside of someone else's home. I noticed it as I was walking this evening when I smelled a wonderful Indian meal cooking at a neighbor's. It made me feel like I was alive, because sometimes you are so invincible to others around you. You forget other people have lives too to live just like you! As far the interior of my house, I want to use scented candles. My favorite are Yankee candles. They have so many different combination of scents and they never get old. I always get them from Tuesday Morning for a fraction of the price.

When it comes to sight, I know I want to be bold with color through the furniture, accent, and accessories. But at the same time I want the overall visual presentation to be seamless so that your eye will work around the room. So I am going to play with a complimentary color scheme. I plan to create exciting focal points (check them out here) by creating smaller room vignettes. I hope to bring in the colors of a breath taking view of the setting sun on the horizon.

When it comes to sound, I want to create that "white noise!" Its a common phrase in furniture showrooms where they play music to disguise other sounds. By strategically installing speakers in the main living area I wish to be able to subdue other sounds, like screaming kids, by playing my favorite music genres (jazz) on a shuffle of course. Sometimes I can play the sounds of crashing waves on the beach and seagulls chirping away in the sky.

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When it comes to taste, I want to indulge in colors and finishes that make you think of food. Like an orange creamsicle polished ceramic lamp base. Mmmm! I also would like to create dynamic table setting that entice you to wan to sit down and have a lovely dinner with your family no matter how tired you are.

Check out lamp here!

All this brain activity after a nice walk is exciting! I am going to have to do this more often. It was exactly what I needed.

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