Thursday, March 31, 2011

Where I need to be...(cozy reading nooks)

I am in stuck in a rut right now, its been a long week for me and I have had no outlet from it. All I can do is keep focusing on everything that still has yet to be done with  kids, sports, work, and home and none of them involve some relief for me, myself, or I! You know what I mean?!?!?!!!

I need a place to call my own... with no kids, no hubby (got nothing but love for them), no TV, no computer (no blog, hmm), no phone!  A place where I am able to curl up with a cozy throw and a good design magazine or book in my comfy PJs and sip on a cup of coffee/tea by day and a glass of wine by night. Just me getting some good old fashion WOOSAH!

So I have decided to put a reading nook as a priority on my To-Do's to become Tah-Dah's list! Here are a few good inspirations:

What I need to achieve:
Large Window
Lounging (built-in or chaise)
Light Source(s)
Cozy Throw
Medley of Pillows
Table Top Surface

To my drafting table I go!


  1. I'd absolutely love to have a reading nook one day! A whole corner/window seat dedicated to my daily reading-times. Just like you - all I need is a comfy throw, a lovely cup of tea and an inspiring design magazine/book and I'm good! xo

  2. I want this too! I swear I have thought about where I could create a cozy nook by a window, this should be included with every home :)