Sunday, April 3, 2011

Chic Tween Girls' Bedrooms

As a child, I always had to share a bedroom with my other siblings. I never had a bedroom to call my own. So its kind of liberating to know that we are able to provide my girls with the privacy of their own bedrooms and even more liberating that I am in the process of designing two, not one, "chic" tween girls' bedrooms.

As of right now, the girls have paint on the walls! I am still trying to figure out if I should design them to be identical or not, within the color palette of each room. Some alike elements I know for sure are:
  1. Upholstered headboards
  2. Full size beds
  3. Storage options
  4. Extra Seating
  5. Desk/Vanity 
As I come across inspirational photos I save them to my archives. One of them that I came across recently was over at Erika Ward's Blulabel Bungalow (beautiful blog BTW) when she informed us about Jonathan Adler's new boutique opening in Atalanta.

I am in love with this headboard! Since I did not achieve the Pink that my youngest daughter wanted, I am going to find a solid velvet fabric in a deeper shade of the pink walls. Here are some more inspiring pink headboards:

Via 1-2-3
Here are a couple more shapes I am loving too (I changed them to black and white to get and idea of shape rather than color):

Via 1-2 (U R not going to believe what pic 2 is)
As you can see I am going for a certain shape and style  that is scalloped, tufted, and with nail-heads. This is a DIY I am looking forward! Just have to find the right fabric and in the right color!

When it comes to a color palette for the pink room, I am loving this Etsy hand stamped peacock pillow with vivid colors of orchid pink and orange and touches of green apple green and turquoise. They are 12x16 for $38 and I absolutely love this shop, she really has some amazing things.

I find myself constantly working and reworking the space planning for there rooms until I get that feeling that I have just the perfect layout for each of their spaces. And again I keep toying with the idea of doing identical rooms. Here is my latest space plan:

Here is my latest quick sketch:

Still do not have that feeling yet, but I know it will come. I do have a tendency to ponder too much, but I gotta feel it in my gut!


Check out how this chic plum bedroom inspiration  is coming together for the purple room! The headboard is another Horchow headboard option I fell in love with in plum! I love the quatrefoil cu-out detail. It sill has the same look and feel that I am going for with the scalloping and the nail-heads. I have a good feeling good about this!

I am loving the idea of two-tone painted furniture. I am so into refurbishing a piece of furniture to make it your own which I have seen a lot of in the blogging world. The purple wardrobe is from the UK that comes in a variety of different colors. I am just glad I found one in purple. Here is two-tone in pink. Pretty huh! I came across this in the April 2010 issue of Traditional Home magazine. It was a Market Place profile article on kids furniture. This is the Savannah Dresser changer.

The bench is another Horchow find too! I love the simple shape and settle colors. It comes in four, five and six feet widths.  As far as extra seating options, I do not know if I want to create a window seat or just do a simple bench at the end of the bed with storage underneath, but I do know I want a bench!

When it comes to the desk/vanity, I am thinking about splurging! I think the girls (10 &12) are old enough to handle the West Elm Parsons Mirror Console. There is no DIY in this.

I love this option because its just going to reflect all the beautiful finishes and materials that I am planning for these rooms. I wonder if they will do a  BOGO on these for me?

Things I still have yet to consider are:
  1. Flooring - I plan to do a pink and purple shag in the corresponding rooms
  2. Lighting - General, task, and ambient
  3. Ceiling fan - Lowe's has a clear blade fan, but its pretty expensive. I wonder if I can purchase clear blades separately and do a refurb on a couple of fans from craigslist. (ANY IDEAS?)
  4. Window and pillow fabrics - (I actually found a couple but I am not feeling them anymore)
  5. Closet Organizers
So we are well underway to creating two Chic Tween Girls' Bedrooms!


  1. Gosh, I love everything you've shown us here. And that Costco headboard? Very cool!

  2. Wow I love the colors, the headboards are to die for. Your girls are so blessed. Can't wait to see the final results.

  3. Love what you've chosen...can't wait to see the finished project!!

  4. Decisions, decisions! I think I would've about died to have my own room growing up...especially one where I actually got to be in on the design process?!? I would've been on cloud 9. I'm so excited to see how these rooms come together because all the inspiration pics are FABULOUS. (c:

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