Wednesday, April 27, 2011

"Get'chu Some!"...Modern Glam

Anyone who knows me knows that I am fool for nail heads, tufting and pretty shiny things, which could be a brief synopsis of Hollywood Regency Style decor. This would fall under "Modern Glam," for me! So you gotta get'chu some of this pretty!

All of the following interiors are by Mary Ruth Caldwell and Lisa Caldwell Flake of Caldwell-Flake Interior Design. I came across this website awhile back and revisited it today after visiting my favorites. Each  room is a work of art a masterpiece even. Check em out:

A little ethnic, a little rustic, and a whole lot of glam! Get'chu some......The drapery fabric is fa-abulouuuus (as I sing it out)! Its sooo serenely beautiful! I all the little minute details that make a big statement, like lush jacquard pattern in the pillows. They make this room dance!

A sight in white, this room has so much depth with is play on textures. Look at the dynamics of the shiny metallic pillows, lamps, and bench versus the rustic bedside tables. All grounded by the heavenly hotel linens! Get'chu some......I even love the crystal vase with the pretty lilac hydrangea!

As you know, I love my pop of color! I am loving the pop of apple green in this bedroom. This room is so eclectically right.  I love what looks like wrought iron carts as side tables. There is even classic ikat in this room. I also love the twist in the metal of the x benches at eh end of the bed and the extra large window hardware. Get'chu some.....Really what is not to love about this room?!!

I saved my favorite for last!  Rustic yellow, distressed, corbel wall sconces with square lamp shades....really?!! Talk about "get'chu some......," I gotta get ME some...... LIKE QUICK! I love the pops of yellow sunshine in this room with that fun swirly monochromatic fabric pattern. Then you have black and white ethnic patterned shams on top a padded square tufted wall with a nail-head relief. I am sick y'all, because I am dieing for this room!
Their philosophy is like poetry! It is such a desirable achievement to reach in your own surroundings. Enjoy!


  1. LOVELY images. So calm and serene- my kinda style girl!!

  2. Beautiful post! I love the images you chose. I also love to use a pop of color in a room. And a little glam is always good. :)

  3. They are ridiculously amazing...I love the look they have in all these rooms! That silver bench has my head spinning...(c: