Monday, May 2, 2011

Anthropologize with Anthropologie

Ethnic beauty is just a couple of word that can describe Anthropologie. I would say I was first introduced to this store maybe two years ago. Although I've been going to their online catalog, I received my first paper catalog in February. It took my breath away because its art, and they spend  a lot money on those catalogs to make people like me drop their jaws to the floor because of the essence of beauty they are able to capture in each and every image. I will always have a special place in my heart for Anthropologie!

That February catalog is where I became obsessed with the natural beauty of Ajuma Nasenyana, a Kenyan model. Her skin complection, her broad shoulders and bone structure are just a few things that made me look twice. She can look good in any color! I love the orange top!

I see these beaded fan earrings looking real good with my "sister-do!"I love the color, the texture and sparkle!
The beauty of these earring is that they will really look good on anybody because of how bold they are! They are very intricate and complex, and even though they are expensive, they look it too!

I am obsessed with bags. I do not need another bag, but I want this carry all bag! Look at the interior, its like a hidden secret! Its called the Just Beneath Bag. Very fitting, I think its woven leather and it comes in black or white. What is not to love....!

What do you think about this. The Spectrum Caftan. On it would become a piece of water color art with you acting as the canvas. Its a blousy silk material. I love the neckline and the draping.

 How about some Mopa Mopa bangles in Flower, Twist, and Geo. As described, they are sculpted of resin from the Mopa Mopa tree and colored with mineral dyes before being pressed onto a layer of smooth wood! Each one is original! i love them all equally, so I do not have a favorite.

One day I am going to dress an table with something or everything from Anthro!  I am loving the Ikebana napkins and tablecloth in all its cultural beauty. I go weak at the knees for bird motifs and paired with ethnic patterns and colors, I just go limp all over! They are just so dang delicate and pretty, these Continental Bird Plates!

This is fun. I actually just saw one of these hanging outside of a local bookstore/coffee shop  a couple weeks ago (should of took a pic)! It was no the Knotted Melati Hanging Chair shown here, but it was pretty close. I just think this a perfect example of form follows function! Its a seat and  hanging 3D art!

These embroidered pillows are so vintage chic! The colors are so right and look at the delicate loop fringe.
It is the Idling Iguana and the Iridescent Plumage pillows. Just one of these could make a great conversation piece in any room!

Way back when, I was obsessed with all things paisley. I would draw it, paint it, and wear it ALL the time. As soon as I think I am over it, HA, something else just as awesome tops the last. This Shanti Paisley Rug just took the cake! I need that runner really bad, I mean really bad!
Last but not least some linen blooms for spring! How about some Mum shower curtains or some Dalilah Bedding. I love this idea of multi-layered fabric sculptures. It such a simple way to amplify what would be ordinarily simple.


  1. WOW...gorgeous! Amazing inspiration.

  2. I completely share your Anthro love...when I am independently wealthy, I will shop there *all* the *time*. (c: DYING over that gorgeous shower curtain!

  3. Anthro would take ALL my money if I allowed it. I LOVE that store. The dresses and linens are my favorite!

  4. I just figured out how to comment on your blog...I could ever find it before :) I try not to look at the catalog cause then I want to go and buy something! But that sure is some cool stuff! Thanks for your sweet comment about my shelter room.

  5. Wow, that floral maxi-dress looks gorgeous!! I can't wait cause Anthropologie is finally opening here in Vancouver this summer!!
    Nancy xo

  6. Love all these, especially the rugs and the white blooms! I awarded you the Versatile Blogger award, so check back tomorrow to see it.

  7. Loved it too! Fantastic offerings this time. M.

  8. Oh my... I am a huge fan of Anthropologie but haven't been even checking their website lately so I can save some money, but that Spectrum Caftan is SO pretty, I love it!

    Hugs & kisses from Rio!