Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Trying Something New

I had a chance to try something new last night! I was finally patient enough to make some caramelized onions! I have seen it done in elapsed time on the Food Network, Michael Chiarello's Easy Entertaining, but never mad the time to make it. It took me about 45min!

You see I am on a new food plan. I refuse to call it a diet because I will sike myself out. I am trying a low glycemic food plan where  I am eating all kinds of superfoods like sweet potatoes, nuts, and olive oil. I have been on this plan for about two and a half weeks now. My goal is 50 pounds by Thanksgiving!

This is what I had last night! It was pretty good considering I added no salt, sugar, or butter! Broccoli seasoned with pepper and Ms. Dash. sirloin steak top with my delicious caramelized onions that was cooked in olive oil, and cubed sweet potatoes with some yummy spices.

My yummy spices for these cubed sweet potatoes consisted of my Homegoods smoked paprika ( I use this in everything), cumin, and dried sage. It was really good. I also cooked it in extra virgin olive oil so that added to the flavor too!

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