Tuesday, September 6, 2011

New to Me?!!!

Is this just new to me or does any one else know about he Picker Sisters? Well, after spending half of August out of town between Charleston, SC and Albany, GA, dodging a hurricane, and turning 32 on the 30th (happy belated birthday to me), I am exhausted...to say the least. So I spent my Labor Day watching mega marathon reality TV shows! So I got my dose of "Dance Moms"(Wat in DEE hell..that's all I gotta say) and then this "new to me" show called Picker Sisters which I found very interesting.

So I knew these gals looked familiar! Come to find out they both have designed rooms on boo-hoo ball your eyes out crying every Sunday night reality TV show "Extreme Makeover - Home Edition!"  Well, they have a home decor shop called I-10 in LA and they travel all over to look for interesting pieces of what some might consider junk and turn it into innovative one of a kind pieces of  treasure.

Take a look at these white before carts and after chairs!
What I find most interesting is where they go to shop, literally junk yards, to find the most rusted and tarnished pieces. Then even more how they discuss transforming the pieces. Sometimes I see it sometimes I don't, but still fantastic in the end. These FAB refurb pieces can be perfectly defined as "Rustic Glam," my kind of style

What a dream and how much fun would it be to travel the lower 48's and meet all kinds of people to ask them if you can look through their junk, bargain, and them take it back home to transform it into something you can sell for probably 10x the amount you paid for it!

Touche' to these girls and their All American Rustic Glam styles!

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  1. Happy belated Birthday. Birthday Buddy my birthday is also on August 30th.