Sunday, January 23, 2011

What's My Personal Style?

My personal style is a mix between modern, rustic, and glamour. I am more attracted to the comfortable side of modern with classic appeal. Natural materials like the glass, warm grain of wood, rough or polished stones, and aged or shimmering metals are my favorite accents.

I love dark wood finishes whether its on the floor, walls, or furniture. I am not afraid of color. I always like to add a pop of color to any room. What really gets me going is painted distressed accents like side tables and consoles.

I like to go against the grain and do the unusual or "think outside the box." A perfect explanation is an idea of the juxtaposition of a rustic setting accented with modern glamour like in the current issue of Elle. This will visually explain my personal style.

Mm Mm Mm!
Elle Decor

How classy are royal purple sofas with a medley of monochromatic throw pillows then topped off with a pop of plush white on a slip covered head sofa with contrasting royal purple throw pillows.

Elle Decor
And the star of this show is a grand classic stand alone tub finished in sparkling silver metallic!

Decor pad
 Check out those pair of tall white pillaring candles in the antique spiraling candle holders on top of a sleek shiny glass top coffee table that is sandwiched in between the aged wood beams on the ceiling and a handsome zebra hide on the floor. 

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