Monday, November 28, 2011

Holiday Changes!

I love the holidays, but every year for me it always seems that Christmas is always in flux although it only lasts for only so long. I love looking at how everyone, all over blog land, transform there homes for the holidays. So I am finally going to share what I am doing around my home.

This year I decided to change up our white pre-lit tree colors to something with turquoise. So I went with gold and silver for accent colors.  I figured it would be classic and timeless enough to add to in the future.

Here is a lovely room color inspiration that I dug up while looking for a color palette with turquoise. See how settle even though turquoise is such a strong color. I am also thinking of adding a touch of gray with stockings!

Look at this pretty charm! Excitement and sparkle will be added with the glow of the lights of the Christmas tree illuminating all the white of the branches, silver and gold of the ornaments.

With my little helpers and hubby at side, I was able to find what I needed at Wally Martin! I plan to stick with this palette for a long time because I want to finally do something we can grow into. I always see how beautiful trees are decorated in the department stores, but I never like the individual ornaments when its all said and done. Now I can start collecting ornaments that I really like here and there over time and one at a time if needed.

Its a nine footer tree, so even though Bree is a six foot tall twelve year old pushing into a size 13 shoe (HELP!!), she still needs a little boost. This tree is the perfect size for our cathedral ceilings. Hopefully this time next year you will be looking at concrete painted floors with some plush area rugs!

Still needs some love with a awesome topper and skirt! Love when the family pitches in, but always have to go behind and touch something here and there.

Is any one else changing up this year or do you have a color palette that you've been working with for years that has blossomed into what is is today?

I am going to High Point, NC for catalog photo-shoot this week.(which reminds me!) I was just there for Market last month! My daughter somehow deleted 10 days of pictures from my trip that I had planned on sharing...ALL BUMMED OUT over that one:(!! I did meet some wonderful and talented people there that actually recognized me form my blog, still blushing from that!! Thanks Todd!

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