Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Its a go for...Concrete Painted Floors?!! (I think)

In the past, I have mentioned that I want dark (really dark) wood floors like you see below. Where you see the hash marks above, which is what I always refer to as the main living areas, is what we would like to cover in wood. We also thought about including our master bedroom as dark like the one you see below...
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Well, we have priced it first at what we really want and then at what would be practical. Neither one is really a cost effective choice for us right now. So I got the idea to paint the concrete?!!! Just to live with for now because the white "Triple B Threat" (blah, boring, and builder grade) carpet in not working for us with four young kids. Well, a few things run through:
  1. How safe it will be?
  2. How commercial it will look?
  3. How maintainable it is?
I just really would like to know your opinions on this to help me out a little with the decision we have made.

We have already decided to go for it, but not before I do lots of research, in July! This is what I do know I am looking for:
  1. A finished look
  2. More of a matte and not too glossy
  3. Nothing marble or inconsistent
  4. Not too industrial
So here is where I just did some research on the look that I am going for:

So now you can get a feel of what I am wanting. Now lets take a look at some photos of really cool painted floors:

I am a sucker for anything black and white and I would do this in a heart beat if I knew that I could live with it for a long time. But for now I will just dream of what could be...

This, I have always loved! The stenciling added so much character yet it did not overtake the room like the black and white would. Just the right amount of charm!

This steals my heart. I actually appreciate the glossy effect in here because it looks like you could walk on water. Aqua in this white kitchen is just sooooo...right!

This is so rustically pretty to me because the floor actually looks like poured concrete with a gentle white floral stenciling on top. I love it!

So please give me your opinions on what I should do or think about if you have been there done that!



  1. How awesome! I love painted floors. Young House Love's have always been a fave of mine! I think you should go for it (:

  2. I have seen the painted concrete very dark and it is awesome. It feels very urban warehouse - loft like, but with lots of style(which you have),it's too cool. I think you'll really like it.

  3. ummmm, definitely go for it. I'm totally on board with your black and white idea.

  4. ha! I just LOL'd ... and I never say that! :) ... i love floors you can eat off of! your painted concrete diagram had me dying laughing!

  5. I just found your post through Pinterest. I've been searching painted concrete floors. We just bought a house and the carpets are HORRIBLE and need replacing. Yet after doing the work that we needed to, to the rest of the house, our budget has little left for flooring. Your "YES" picture is exactly what I'm wanting. Did you ever complete this project? And, if so, what colors did you choose?

  6. For Images of my floors go here:


  7. Painted floors bring so much flavour into the house! I think it takes a bit more courage to move from stained concrete to painted concrete but I am pretty sure that with the right knowledge and preparation, painted concrete flooring Houston (as an example) would be lots of fun to do. You can go classic, fun, energized, just basically anything you want! Good luck and thank you for sharing!

  8. Way too dark...if you want hardwood look ... get hardwood. It looks generic if im honest. The ones you said hell no and wtf are actually the choice of high end and upscale houses. Im confused by your taste...it seems backwards

    1. Thank you for your comment Troy! All comments are welcome...I am a mother of 4 very active kids and wherever I can save a few bucks to get the look I will! As far as my taste, I know what I like. If you prefer the ones you consider high end, that's fine too!

  9. I just started researching this option as my family is doing what yours did - bought a house that the carpet all needs to be replaced. I love this look!! Can you give me a rough ballpark at what it cost to have this done? I planned on doing it ourselves, but after reading your blog, I might need to rethink that. Thank you!!

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