Friday, December 2, 2011

Genevieve Gorder Rugs and My Drama

I do not think I shared with you that I am in High Point, NC again for photo-shoot after being here for Market a few weeks ago. I did however share with you my living nightmare of my daughter deleting ALL of my wonderful precious memoirs from two weeks of my life that I will NEVER get back. I am sooo... not over it (as you can tell). So now my drama is that my piece of ish camera is not working while I am here. Which adds to the lingering drama of me asking myself "WHY don't I get with the times" and finally get an i-phone. Well, now I have an excuse to upgrade on a camera!!

OK, so enough of my drama and back to the fun stuff. Genevieve,if you do not already know, teamed with Capel rugs to create some awesome looking rugs. I am actually seeing them here at the studio in person and coming up with a plan of how I can take one back home with me to Florida.

This one to the left is my favorite! I am imagining this on my dark painted concrete floors. My husband and I are looking into to this right now. We are getting a couple of expert opinions, then we are going to look into the cheapest route of achievement. I snapped my own picks, but can't get them off my camera because, I did not have my memory card in at the time and I do not have my USB cord with me. Sad ha??!!! Okay, now I am off track again with my drama! As soon as I get 
access I will update you with my pics.You can see more of my faves below!

Being at the studio here in Highpoint is great! I get to see all kinds of great furniture accessories and accents that I would not get to see anywhere else. Plus its great seeing the magic behind these beautiful shots you see in catalogs. That is why I do love my job sometimes because of these fun things I get to experience.