Sunday, February 5, 2012

I appreciate....

The new JCP ad campaign "Fair and Square." Its so tantalizing and doing exactly what is supposed to do which is causing a stir. I gotta say I can really appreciate the way they have cleaned up their ads. Its fresh, colorful, and screaming make this product your own. I also noticed that the models look like everyday people.

The pricing is also easy to understand, especially after leaving us hanging with those coupon commercials for awhile. Its based on three types of pricing, everyday, month long,a and best prices. Now I appreciate their $10 of  $25 coupons that they come out with seasonally, so I really hope this new ad does not mean that that goes away, but I guess we will see, right?!!

In all this frenzy, I  have come across a certain product I am interested in. Its a classic ceramic double gourd $40 lamp. 25" in height. Cute huh! They do have this in other colors.


  1. word is they're remodeling stores, bringing in designer lines like nanette lepore for teens, and repositioning themselves. which will be very exciting.

  2. I love that striped skirt...can't believe it's JCP!