Monday, May 21, 2012

So Random...

Hey everyone, I know its been awhile...  Anyone know of the name brand Wally Martin?!!! Well, I got to say "I ain't mad ad'em! You gotta love cute for cheap easy options. Those are key words when it come to all things shopping. All the shirts below add up to less than fiddy bucks! How many of us have purchased one top for wayee more?!! Well, I just need some tops for the summer but most of my wardrobe consist of black cuz its so easy. I am expanding my color variety a bit , even though I am showing all black.Trying to get out of it,but its sooo easy! Check out cute Wally Martin tops.I got my eyes on the white batwing!

Striped V-Neck  less than $10

Suzie Rose - Batwing less than $15

Suzie Rose - Button Down less than $15

Suzie Rose - Cowl Neck less than $12

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