Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Count Down....

All I have to say is...it has been a good long drawn out minute since I first posted about my floors being painted! And now the count down finally begins. JUNE 7th is the start date and 4 days later I shall have "concrete painted floors!"

We have been on the bare concrete for three months now... with a not so put together family, living, dining, and breakfast nook rooms. After realizing that the Hubs and I were just not going to cut it on our own, we hired some help!

They came in and did and suggested everything we did not think about. I have to say its was a very smart move on our behalf.  With some negotiations we decided on a price of, eh hem, excuse me as I clear my throat...$2500! Yes its a lot but we are going with more of permanent vs temporary solution.

I decided upon Valspar Brownstone in a gloss finish. I think I still am looking for a little darker, but not black, so I will see what they can do at Lowes.

Well, these guys came in and removed paint, repaired holes and cracks, and now getting ready for the next and final steps of cleaning, etching, painting, and sealing.

Some progress pics:

Not so put together home!!!!

Close up of floor
Entry Close up: where tile used to be.
Dining Room
Filled in Cracks
Filled in holes: where carpet strips were pulled up.

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  1. Good luck with your floors. Can't wait to see it all come together.