Thursday, December 20, 2012

In twelve last few months away!

Its been awhile… since my last blog post. I owe y'all a run down of what has happened over the last few months so luckily I have captured it in what I am calling my photo diary.

My Neverending Project:
This has been a season for new house purchases and instant updates in my living room. This includes two roll arm club chairs, two slipper chairs, a hounds-tooth rug and a hall bench. Soon there will be a faux fireplace with custom art above. 

My Princess:
On September 24th we celebrated my youngest daughter, Tyshonne's 12th birthday.  There she is rockin her favorite “Hello Kitty!” We had a sleepover  and made (attempted to make) cake pops.  We made some with frosting and some with white chocolate. I prefer the icing, but you can’t get that to hardened like the white chocolate, unless I do not know something somebody else does.It was fun though!

My Hall of Famer:
The beginning of October my husband and I traveled to Midland, MI where he graduated from school. He was inducted into the hall of fame at Northwood University.

Sleepie Tollie is known around Northwood as the player who "put Northwood football on the map." He took over as the starting quarterback for Northwood in 1998 and led Northwood to 25 victories in three seasons. Northwood had won a total of 23 games in the previous eight seasons prior to Tollie becoming the Timberwolves' signal caller. He still holds Northwood records for passing yards (4,442) and scoring (250 points) while ranking third in completions (233) and 16th in rushing (1,855). His 1,862 passing yards in the 1998 season remain the most in program history. Tollie also claimed the NCAA pass efficiency rating title in 1998 with a mark of 190.41. His finest game occurred in one of the most famous games in program history, as Tollie accounted for over 400 yards and five touchdowns in Northwood's 79-49 win over rival Saginaw Valley State in the 1998 Axe Bowl. He led Northwood to a pair of GLIAC Championships (1999-2000), the first conference titles for Northwood in 22 seasons.

So beautiful there, at that time! The trees looked like they were on fire. We never get to see Fall down here in Florida. All we get is green to brown and back to green again. I must have seen every color of Fall there. It was also nice to get away, just he and I, we never get to do that with four kids and all.

My Vision:
End of  October I completed a new brand design for a test project where we are injecting color and a fresh new updated look.  I am a visual merchandiser for a furniture retailer,  so this was fun and a little liberating to be able to see a design of mine come to fruition. No doubt that this was the busiest I had ever been, but it all paid off in the end. It is a big hit with the company, but I hope it sticks. We are now getting ready to go into the next one.

My Little Man:
Beginning of November we celebrated Da’Jon (my youngest) 3rd birthday. Man time flies! This is him showing off his “macho” to his girlfriend on Thanksgiving! So cute.

My Taste of Glam:
Mid-November I visited  a beautiful location site to photograph our outdoor living furniture for catalog.  This was a beautiful mansion where the home owner was gracious enough to take us on a home tour. I took pictures of my favorite room in the house which turned out to be this cute Hollywood Glamor girl’s bathroom. 

My Dream:
Thanksgiving we traveled to Atlanta, GA for Thanksgiving with family. We also visited  Auburn Avenue the memorial of Dr. Martin Luther King.  I loved being able to visit a piece of history. The girls and I visited the house where he was born where I was able to snap a shot of them in form of it “because he had a dream!”

My Golly:
Of course I am always on the go, but I try to never miss a thing! So all in one day the end of November I went  to work.  I picked up my son from daycare , went Target on my way to my daughter’s basketball game, since I never get out that way, where I purchased these cute Christmas plates and baskets. I went to Brishonne (my daughter's volleyball game) and then went to McDonald’s after the game where I saw that cool drum pendant and then home ! And what's bad is that is the NORM and I would not have it any other way...

My NEW Favorite:
Beginning of December I tried a new restaurant! I am not afraid to try something new and man…have a I found a great sushi place. Its called Zen Bistro! This is hands down the best sushi I have ever had.  I had already been one time with my supervisor, but I took my husband one night after a day of Christmas shopping. Of all four sushi rolls we had the Delirium was my favorite!

Straight from the menu:
"Delirium Warm baked no rice roll with salmon, snowcrab, avocado and cream cheese inside and spicy aioli and eel sauce on top"

My Latest Cuisine:
So at my NEW favorite restaurant the hubs fell in love with is new favorite entree, Honey Walnut Shrimp. I told him I can make that! (HA) Well, it turned  out to be pretty good, so I think I have started something I am going to regret later. Just his past week I made this dish. I honestly  thought this was going to be an easy 1-2-3 meal, but it turned out to be 1-2-3 thru 100. It took me 3 hours  to make this from start to finish, but I did have to peel and devein shrimp so that was half of my trouble. Note to self: Never send the hubs to the store without clear directions to what o get. I used this recipe.

So this pretty much sums it up! Hope everyon has been enjoying the holiday season! I am getting ready to enjoy mine a little bit more since I am about to go on a two week vacation.


  1. OMG, I LOVE the rug! Can you tell me where you found this!

    1. I was actually able to purchased a sample through my job at a discount, but we do not carry it anymore. I did find where you can get it from:

  2. Thanks and Merry Christmas!!!