Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Surrounded...My New Fireplace

Merry Christmas! Hope everyone had another memorable holiday surrounded with the ones you love most. I did! But just this past Friday we have a new addition to our home!  We just got a new fireplace well "faux" fireplace.

This is my inspiration above! I fell in love with the dimension of the steps. I also love that it looks very modern, but not overly because it can still work into a traditional space.

So now here is where I planned it to go above. Its what I consider to be a main focal point as soon as you walk into the front door.

And here it is:

I had him build a hearth just as wide as the entire wall at 12" high  and the entire fireplace (hearth included) is 42" high! I do not show a good detail pic of the inset ,but it has a horizontal wood plank look. I did that to add some extra look through detail since I opted out of building the fire[lace around an electrical firebox.

What I place for the inset is first paint it, black...i think, and create a candlelit fireplace vignette something like this:

I am actually on  two week vacation right now, so I am trying to get a few things crossed off the to-list! This is one I am gladly crossing off!

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