Friday, January 11, 2013

Artist Feature + Inspiration

I have a blank wall well actually a few!  Its time...TIME to get something on these walls, but this one in particular is just screaming for something....

So I have been peepin out this great artist named Amanda Stone Talley


Her work is abstract , but I love the colors and how subdued and controlled they are. Also the way she combines colors is genius. In a room, you can not help but be drawn to her art. as you can see in the room designs above.

Check out some work from her portfolio...really captivating and powerful. I can see why her work is used in so many spaces.

This is really striking! I would like to see something like this, but I have a bench that it will go very so it needs to be  elongated as a double or use a double pair. I have taupe walls, so it should be just as striking!

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