Thursday, January 10, 2013

Junk Drawers...?!!

Not really junk, but I am going through my drawers in my nightstand and I came across some old drawings I did. These are actually when we first moved into our house a few years ago. Its an idea I had for the family room layout and casual dining room, but looking things have changed!

After living in the house for awhile we decided to move the TV to behind the wall where the fireplace now sits. So that really changed the entire layout. The way I use the space is still thee same as far as function so I still have kept some of the same ideas like having a computer armoire in this space. I still want a chaise sectional, but I decided not to use an upholstered ottoman int his room.

As far as the casual dining room ( or breakfast nook) I am  doing wall to wall bookshelves where I show the banquet and a window seat will now go under the window.

This is so random, but I just thought I would share. I have plenty more where this came from...Its just about time I execute!!!!

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