Wednesday, January 9, 2013

On My Desk I said I was gonna focus more on my projects this year, but listen, a girl has gotta get paid! So I thought I would share with you my current project (or one o them)!

Bi-yearly my company hosts what we call a "dealer show!" Its actually where all the owners come together to view the new furniture purchased at market.  I am in charge of design and layout of the showroom floor. This time I am dibbling and dabbling into the Friday night event as well, which serves as the corporate social.

The theme is actually a play off of the new store branding design I did back in October. I can not go into too much detail but you can see a snippet of it in the link! The theme is "Details in Retail!" But I wanted to do something fun for the Friday night theme, a fun sophisticated Jazz Cafe!

Here is the mood board I put together a few weeks ago:

"Setting the mood is going to be the name of the game with vintage décor, ambient lighting, inviting lounging options. Rustic, charming, and classy are just a few words that describe what will be an unforgettable night of good people, relaxing to good music,  enjoying good entertainment, along with lots of good food! No detail will get missed by addressing everything from the presentation to the entertainment all the way down to the food."

After a few Google searches and going down a few dozen rabbit holes I came across this inspirational piano bar and restaurant called the Manhattan Inn.

The image above gave me the inspiration for the food base on the fact that barbeque tends to be the favorite at these coporate events.

"We love barbecue, so let’s make it rustic ans sassy! Let’s integrate the food presentation seamlessly into the design and décor by not leaving any detail unturned. Things like cast iron serving dishes, handwritten chalkboard food label's,  and salads served in a martini glasses are just a few ways to add to the rustic charm." 

This is my interpretation of a fun sophisticated Jazz Cafe! Let's see what happens!

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