Thursday, February 7, 2013

When Pillows...Pop

A pillow!   Pillow what...pillow whoo!   Love pillows!


I can not stress how details as simple as a pillow in a room can do all the talking and totally define and add personality to a room.

If I could I would have a different pillow story to tell every month in every room, so that would add up to about 120 PLUS pillows a year!  And they are out there. You have hundreds of  thousands to choose from.

I personally like it when all it takes is just ONE!


All you need is a good basic foundation to pull it out. Try doing a DIY monogrammed pillow!

They also come in many different shapes and sizes. A good bolster pillow is always fun! But it only take just ONE...I don't know aobut doing more than one bolster! Send me a pic if you have.


Love bold statement pieces. This is what a you call a good base foundation...with solid charcoal slipper chairs topped with a bold black and white pattern!


And there is nothing wrong with settling for a  solid on solid. This pic above is one of my favorites!

I can lose hours in a day that feel like minutes when searching for a pillow. Sometimes I come across a fabric that I know I want o make a pillow out of, but do not have a room to put it in!

So where do you start?  

A good base:

 a white down bed linens

a neutral color chair

Then just pic what your heart desires:

via ETSY: Arianna Belle Shop

But rember to consider the size. Average is about 18x18,but I like a good 20x20!

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