Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bringing Happy Back

Sometimes things that you can not control just gotta hit you all at one time like a bag-a-bricks. Sorry ya girl has been out for the count as for posting for the last week and a half, but you ever get to a point where nothing motivates you because your are physically and mentally drained?  Well..I am sooo...there! I gotta say that I can honestly blame it on this unstable economy. I am overworked due to major cuts at the J-O-B, I am paying mo money than my house is worth, and gas is about to blow the roof off the hizzy! I NEED HAPPY BACK, QUICK! I am planning a family evacuation vacay ASAP.

Ok now that is my chest...howz about some Happy-Chic Style with Jonathan Adler:

This oldy but goody living room makes me happy!

I am drawn to the green in the sofas and the drapes. And I love the quirky art work. I just love the unexpected and JA can bring it!

 These Capri bottle neck lamps make me really happy!  The shape, the color and the size are so lovable!

This bedroom below makes me really really happy! I love every color in this room on its own and together its flawless. That mirror and those ottomans would find a happy place in my home.

What is not to be happy about in this cathedral dining room? Ok we have white walls with trim detail, the height is to the moon, and a chevron area rug on the floor! Now that's bringing happy back!

Ok, so bringing happy back can sometimes mean reviving the child in you! I watched  Pee Wee Herman's Playhouse on Broadway the other day on HBO with my kids. Talk about classic entertainment! I remember waking up Saturday morning, as a child, just to watch this show. The day was not complete without the "word of the day!" If you loved Pee Wee then I promise you will love him now! Be sure to catch it if you havn't already.

I will leave you with my word of the day!  
HAPPY! Ahhhh!


  1. Oh how I loooove JA. He is one fun designer. And these are all such cheerful and inspiring images. Always find something new to admire in his designs. Great post! And hope you have a better week this coming week and get some inspiration and motivation!! xoxo anastasia at decor is like butter

  2. Loving how unapologetic his designs bold and graphic!

  3. Love that bedroom and dining space! Loving your blog too! Now following! Miss Walker xoxo

  4. Loving the large pop of color the lamps will provide! I am now following you as well! Id love it if you would stop by and visit me and follow if you so desire

  5. Wow, this post is good enough to eat, the colors are stunning, even pee wee fits in perfectly!

  6. First off, LM-booty-O about the Pee wee herman word of the day...totally forgot all about that, but power to the children of the 80's and great shows! (c: And Jonathan Alder has produced some of the most happy-inducing rooms EVER. *EVER*.