Thursday, February 24, 2011

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Decorative Mirrors has to be one the of the easiest ways to totally transform a room. I especially love these mirrors under $400 at Horchow.

On the left is a criss-cross twig mirror for $295. I think rectangle mirrors look better when they are on the horizon. On the right is a right fretwork motif mirror also for $295. Round mirrors are my favorite because its a great way to break up all those straight lines and angles you usually have in a home setting. This mirror is refreshing and classic in style.

On the left is a metal weave mirror for $235. Metal is so trendy right now. This one has red accents. I would love to see it in person. On the right is a kimani starburst mirror for $350 (of course my favorite is the most expensive). Its covered in tiny little round mirrors. Great detail!

But lets be honest. Why pay for something you can make for next to nothing. These are a couple of my favorite DIY mirrors. I have do many opportunities for a mirror in my home. If I do not find one I really like on  the cheap these are definitely good inspirations. Check them out here on the left on the right (great blog by the way)!

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