Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Reality Show Junky

Okay...I am a sucker for reality shows! But right now I am so loving the style of Naima from American Idol. Her style, swagger, and her voice all have this Neo-Soul flavor! She had this beautiful flowing vintage sequin dress for her judging tonight. She did make it to the TOP 24! I will have to get the picture as soon as it becomes available.
She is like Erikah Badu and Alicia keys all wrapped into one person. I am excited just to see not only what she is going to sing, but what she is going to wear every week! Trust me she will be the style icon for American Idol this year. 

I really have not been excited about American idol since Fantasia won her season,but I ma a little giddy about this one, so we shall see what happens!

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